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    Vakkaru Maldives

Unlock your creative potential with our Illustrator Masterclass featuring Uliana Kushkova

From Siberia, 13-year-old Uliana Kushkova was destined to draw. Having taken up the hobby only three years ago, the self-taught illustrator now produces beautiful and intricate depictions of the world’s most picturesque places. Architectural drawings are a speciality, and at a time when much of the world is off limits her creations provide a gateway to the likes of London, Moscow and Paris.

Focusing on the use of markers as her art medium of choice, she depicts her inspirations derived from her travels onto paper, intricately capturing the essence of these structural artworks in all its grandeur. From the quintessential terraces along the Champs-Élysées in Paris to traditional warehouse of Japan, her creative use of colours illustrates her understanding of depth and clarity whilst still paying tribute to the environment that these establishments sit in.

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    Visiting Vakkaru this month, Uliana will share her skills and insights during two Illustrator Masterclasses, at 11am on Friday 11 June and 11am on Monday 11 June. This visit will mark the first time Uliana will focus her creative talents on the Maldives, with the drawings she produces directly inspired by the splendour and character of Vakkaru. During these intimate sessions, guests of all ages are invited to learn how to draw with Uliana. As part of our 50 Shades of Blue program, which celebrates the maritime beauty of our Baa Atoll home and its 10th anniversary as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, illustrations created during the masterclass will showcase spectacular seascapes, Vakkaru’s over water villas and our pristine private island.