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    Vakkaru Maldives

Vakkaru Maldives Unveils New Yoga Pavilion

The new yoga pavilion is located on picturesque Vakku Beach. It is surrounded by lush greenery with direct beachfront access and stunning sea views, a perfect setting for guests looking to find and leverage their Zen moment amidst the hustle and bustle of life. The 100-sqm semi-open gazebo is ideal for both private one-on-one practice or for a wellness retreat as it can hold up to 16 people for a group yoga session.

Several therapeutic and wellness experiences and services are available to guests. Alongside an extensive menu of enhanced treatments and rituals at the luxurious overwater Merana Spa, the roster of visiting wellness practitioners has been expanded. Presently, certified yoga and meditation teacher Anna Tsoy is in residence at Vakkaru Maldives. Anna incorporates conscious exploration of movement, breath and concentration to reconnect with one's inner self and strengthen the body. Her classes are inspired by nature, psychology of the human mind, dance therapy, and respected teachers she has met on her journeys through India, Nepal, and South East Asia.

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    In addition to Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow, Ann offers a number of unique programmes during her tenure at Vakkaru Maldives. Yin Yang Yoga is a perfect blend of dynamic power yoga and slow restorative yoga. The class starts with developing Yang – strength, stamina and toning of the body, followed by Yin – slow, restorative yoga working on the deep connective tissue. Bringing together the two opposite forces helps you achieve the balance within.

    Guests can also book a session for her Osho Dynamic Mediation. Created to move stagnant energy, break conditioned patterns in the body-mind and free oneself from emotional blockages, it involves five stages: intense breathing, voice releasing, shaking, stillness and chaotic movement. For more physical exercise, guests can join Yoga and Pilates Fusion, a combination of static yoga postures and pilates exercises designed to build strength and tone muscles while improving flexibility and fostering mind and body harmony through yoga asanas.

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    The younger guests at the island resort have not been overlooked. Anna's 'Kids Yoga' is a fun and playful yoga sequence specially designed for kids and teens. The gentle stretches and mindful

    Speaking about the new yoga pavilion, Vakkaru's General Manager, Iain McCormack, said, "At Vakkaru, we are committed to enhancing the guest experience by continually responding to everchanging industry trends and consumer demands. The new pavilion has fantastic views of the Indian Ocean, so guests can enjoy yoga sessions in any weather and still feel they are outdoors. Along with Anna's transformational yoga and meditation programmes, we continue to deliver experiences that positively impact our guests' lifestyles."

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    A unique standard and philosophy in luxury hospitality, Vakkare places the concept of care at the core of all that Vakkaru Maldives offers. Embracing four pillars – We Kare, Self Kare, Let's Kare, and After Kare – it incorporates the practical responses to the challenge of operating a remote island resort and considers the physical, social and emotional needs of guests who come to rest and rejuvenate.