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    Dining Vakkaru Maldives


A collection of delectable dishes from Europe to Asia, served in five restaurants, two bars, a wine cellar as well as private destination dining around the island.

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Indulgent Dining


    A tranquil, bright and airy environment by the beach to start the day; to experience nourishing flavours, offering an interactive presentation of international cuisines and inspired dishes accented with local tastes and tropical tones. 

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  • Vakkaru Resort Maldives - Vakku Restaurant


    Elegant open-air grill restaurant and a signature venue to savour our finest selection of meats and seafood grilled to perfection.

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  • Vakkaru Resort Maldives - Onu Restaurant


    Drawn from the South East Asia inspiration yet honoring the regions current and past influences, Onu is an elegant bamboo fashioned culinary theater within a tropical plantation designed with a showcase kitchen..

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    Vibrant Italian flavours fashioned with flair. Enjoy a relaxed and alive dining experience with authentic charm, uncluttered sophistication and whimsical design complete with communal dining table, lounging space, two seaters a la Milano and a poolside piazza

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    Al fresco poolside lounge designed for classic comfort, creative inspiration and a relaxed ambiance.Cabana offers a comfortable enduring space to relax and unwind in style, enjoy a laid back afternoon or pre-dinner drink

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  • Vakkaru Resort Maldives - Lagoon Bar


    An ocean oasis to relax and revive from noon until late, a stylish venue above the crystal waters with open-air lounging space and Indian Ocean breezes.

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  • Vakkaru Resort Maldives - Vakkaru Reserve


    Our very own wine cellar, a home to curated selection of wines showcasing fine vintage and non-vintage offerings from Old to New World.

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  • Luxury destination dining

    From the serenity of your villa to idyllic settings around the island, we bring you an exquisite culinary experience, humble or heavenly as you desire..

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  • Sandbank Events

    Escape to a remote sandbank for a private event. Barefoot extravagance, waves lapping, embraced by nature, a distant paradise, for a while exclusively

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    On our island, we grow our own food in the Organic Farm, which produces some of the freshest fruits, vegetables and herbs for our restaurants and bar.

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