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Find inner serenity with expert therapists at Merana Spa, featuring luxurious overwater single and couple treatment rooms, an ayurvedic treatment room, hair and nail salon, spa boutique and outdoor wellness area featuring a warm whirlpool, cold plunge pool, sauna and steam room.

  • Overview

    Inspired by ancient rituals infused with quality ingredients from nature alongside modern skin and beauty advancements, Merana takes a holistic approach to treatments for rejuvenation, relaxation and overall mind, body and soul balance. 

    Explore a variety of indulgent experiences created for your relaxation and wellbeing to awaken your senses, including therapeutic massages, advanced facial varieties, skincare rituals as well as beauty treatments. In partnership with Sri Lankan Ayurveda brand, Siddhalepa, an array of rejuvenating Ayurveda therapies at Merana Spa will provide guests with yet another way to boost body, mind and soul. Inspired by Vakkare, a new standard in luxury hospitality unmatched in the Maldives, that places the concept of care at the core of everything Vakkaru does, we wish that all our valued guests also look and feel amazing through the transformative practice of yoga and wellness activities that Merana Spa offers as they enjoy the resort’s serene setting.

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Spa Virtual Tour

  • Ayurveda by Siddhalepa

    One of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, Ayurveda, literally means “the science of life” or “the wisdom of longevity". It is based on the philosophy that health and wellness depend on the balance of mind, body and spirit and seeks the well-being of the person based on their constitution. Whether you are here to detoxify, energise or heal your body, mind and soul, our Ayurvedic therapists from Siddhalepa offer personalised solutions that are specific to your needs, and in harmony with your constitutional dosha, to stimulate and enhance your overall well-being. Every treatment begins with a personal consultation with our resident Ayurvedic doctor, Dr Surandi Dissanayake. Our doctor will carefully prescribe therapies and provide lifestyle recommendations according to your constitutional dosha, medical conditions and personal needs, customising your spa journey and your path to optimal health.

    The Siddhalepa Group is founded on the ancient practice of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, a family tradition that spans 200 years and three generations. Established by Dr Victor Hettigoda, an Ayurveda specialist, Siddhalepa is a pioneer in the industry and one of the largest of its kind and the only facility to have get a ISO 9001 certification among others. It manufactures a range of medicinal oils, balms, elixirs, herbal cosmetics and teas along with other medicines with all treatments, techniques and procedures based on traditional knowledge inherited by the Hettigoda family and the indigenous system of Sri Lankan Ayurveda.


  • Ayurveda by Siddhalepa


An immersive head-to-toe journey inspired by the finest natural ingredients combined with luxurious skincare products. Indulge yourself in a collection of pampering treatments with a wide range of pressures, strokes and health benefits designed to awaken your senses.

  • Massages and Body Treatments at Vakkaru Maldives Merana Spa

    Massages and Body Treatments

    Be pampered with a collection of indulgent body treatments to awaken your senses while providing a feeling of internal balance.

  • Ayurveda by Siddhalepa at Vakkaru Maldives Merana Spa

    Ayurveda by Siddhalepa

    Indulge in personalised therapies specific to your needs and constitutional dosha, to stimulate and enhance your overall well-being.

  • Beauty & Personal Care at Vakkaru Maldives Merana Spa

    Beauty & Personal Care

    Discover our range of luxurious beauty treatments from facials, skincare rituals, waxing, as well as hair and nail care.

  • Personalized spa treatment

    In-Villa Indulgence

    Personalized spa treatment offering any choice of body massage privately and exclusively in your own villa


Wellness seeker should not miss Merana Wellness Center, an exclusive establishment with a tranquil environment designed for your body and mind rejuvenation.

  • Over Water Wellness Center

    Wellness Center

    Our Wellness Center is complimentary for spa guests and equipped with steam, sauna, warm Jacuzzi, cold plunge pool and sundeck overlooking the ocean. To maintain environment that is serene and conducive for relaxation, children under the age of 16 are not allowed to enter the area.

    Yoga pavilion, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, cold plunge pool,spa changing, and relaxation areas are available within Merana.

    To maintain a relaxing atmosphere, these facilities are accessible to all resort guests,with certain capacity at a times.

  • Wellness for Family

    Wellness for Family

    At Merana Spa, we empower future generations with the elements of wellbeing with our carefully customized spa and wellness programmes for young guests. Enjoying a wellness holiday as a family in a beautiful destination is a fantastic bonding experience with many great health benefits. Let your little ones enjoy the gentle strokes of a pampering massage or get the whole family members to join interactive group activities that promote wellness in togetherness.

    • Sound Healing Therapy Equipment

      Sound Healing Therapy

      Bring your mind to a serene state as our therapist helps you to rediscover the art and wellness benefits of sound healing therapy. Used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes, our Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowl instruments helps to improve your physical and emotional well-being.

      Advance reservation is required.

  • Lady performing Yoga


    At Merana Spa, we wish that all our valued guests look and feel amazing through the transformative practice of yoga. Whether you are entirely new to the yoga mat, or a more experienced practitioner looking to expand your practice - you will have all the support that you need to immerse yourself in a rewarding and transformative yoga retreat experience. We will tailor the yoga schedule to suit your unique goals and needs.