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Vakkaru Maldives is committed to developing a sustainable business operation through various green initiatives and innovations for its surrounding environment and communities. 

  • Vakkaru Resort Maldives

    Drinking Water Solution

    The resort’s on-site Reverse Osmosis water treatment technology allows natural process to produce clean water including drinking water – still and sparkling. Vakkaru Still and Sparkling water is available in each guest villa as well as all dining outlets, using re-usable glass bottle to prevent plastic waste.

    Vakkaru Resort Maldives

    The Organic Farm 

    On our island, we grow our own food in the Organic Farm which produces some of the freshest fruits, vegetables and herbs for our restaurants and bar.Our idea is to create a sustainableapproach to gardening with environmentally friendly techniques such as compost production from the resort’s organic waste and usage of recycled sewage water for irrigation. 
    The Organic Farm also features a plant nursery where we plant Orchids and seeds to enhance our gardensand island landscaping.

    We invite you to make the most of your culinary adventure on our idyllic island by visiting our Organic Farm and start your private‘Farm to Table Experience’ to pick and sample fresh ingredients, then cook with our Chef for your lunch or dinner.

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    Vakkaru Resort Maldives

    Coral Planting

    In our commitment to protect the surrounding environment, we invited our guests and team members to participate in the coral planting, using a specially designed frame to attach the fragmented corals. This newly planted corals are now placed in our house reef area nearby the overwater villas and monitored regularly by our team

    Vakkaru Resort Maldives

    House Reef Clean Up

    The house reef around Vakkaru island is home to a diverse range of marine life, and it is our responsibility to maintain our house reef healthy and clean from any form of debris in the water, which is hazardous for both marine life and human beings. This regular activity is involving both team members and guests to create more awareness about ocean environment preservation.